Stakeholder analysis enables identification of the interests of various groups. This will help to get the support of those, who positively evaluate possible consequences of the strategy, and to manage the risk, caused by the sides not interested in the strategy.

This analysis is conducted with the aim of identification of all stakeholders’ interests, in particular their need for information; potential conflicts of interests and risks; the potentials of the stakeholders (resources); people and groups that will be involved in strategic planning; ways of improvement of the development process and the strategy itself as well as reduction and, desirably, liquidation of the potential negative consequences influence on the strategy and on the vulnerable population groups.

Stakeholder analysis is a component of the analysis of the HIV prevention situation model among MARA in the framework of the UNICEF project. Being part of the research component, it contributes the characteristic of the main parties, providing services or making decisions in the sphere of HIV/AIDS prevention, to the general structure of the project.

  • Ukraine
  • Byelorussia
  • Moldova
  • Georgia
  • Azerbaijan