Project cost evaluation is an important tool in understanding the functioning of the project. Unlike auditing aimed at the expenditure control and its expediency, project cost analysis gives the opportunity to plan and form optimal project budgets. The given analysis demonstrates to social sector participants, who are interested in the matter, approximate expenditure when realising the project on a local level. It is essential for the given organisation as well as for other organisations launching similar projects, because it gives the possibility to make project budget and/or give arguments for the resource support of the project (by the state, funds, donors).

Target audience

The module is aimed at the specialists in monitoring and evaluation of project cost among the people interested in the issue, who are members of the organisation, which realises the project (project managers, bookkeepers, organisation leaders etc.), as well as project donors.

Main topic issues:

  • The essence and aims of cost monitoring and project cost analysis
  • Project expenditures and their classification
  • Existing sources of getting information about the project realisation and results
  • The methods of getting information about the project realisation and results
  • Systematisation and representation of the cost monitoring data

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