Educational programmes of healthy lifestyle promotion among youth


The programme of promoting healthy and safe lifestyle culture among schoolchildren is a complex programme of developing knowledge, attitudes, personal guidelines and behaviour norms, which secure the maintenance and strengthening of physical and psychological health as one of value constituents that favour cognitive and emotional development of young people, achievement of the set objectives in mastering basic educational programme of the educational institution.

Target audience

The programme is aimed at the people who develop and take decisions on health maintenance, healthy lifestyle and healthy behaviour of Ukrainian pupils and students (the heads of central and local authorities, influential politicians, social activists tec.), as well as at teachers, healthcare workers, youth leaders, Youth NGO volunteers, parents, i.e. to all the people who are directly involved in the risk prevention, education and teaching the youth the vital skills of healthy behaviour.

Main topic issues:

  • Theoretical foundations of health-related issues study
  • Defining the notions, components and premises
  • The analysis of children’s state of health in Ukraine
  • The factors influencing children’s and adolescents’ health and the basics of developing positive motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle
  • Educational establishment focus areas in developing a healthy lifestyle
  • Cooperation (partnership) on the issues of developing a healthy lifestyle
  • The implementation of educational technologies of developing a healthy lifestyle into the educational process
  • The development of knowledge and skills of a healthy lifestyle in extra-curricular activities, bad habits prevention

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