In the context of our webinar, we will deal with the following issues:

  1. The categories of potential volunteer leaders, cooperating with the Centre:
    • adolescents having trouble with the law (convicts of juvenile correctional facilities;
    • convicts of pre-trial detention centres; adolescents having a record at criminal police for children affairs and criminal executive inspection);
    • students of vocational training educational establishments.
  2. Engaging adolescents in the Programme participation.
  3. The contents of the Programme for HIV and risk-associated behaviour prevention “Learning to be healthy”.
  4. The leadership component of the Programme. Summary book for volunteer leaders.
  5. The role of volunteer leaders in the Programme for HIV and risk-associated behaviour prevention.
  6. HIV testing within the programme participation

Speaker: Kateryna Sergeeva, certified trainer on prevention among adolescents associated with risk behaviour (UNICEF); certified trainer on prevention and correction of adolescent aggressive behaviour (IFGG, Camino, EU DAPHNE); programme assistant, trainer, leading social worker of All-Ukrainian Public Centre “Volunteer”; M.A. in Social Pedagogics, PhD. Student of Kyiv Boris Grinchenko University (scientific research area – prevention of adolescent aggressive behaviour).

Materials for download:


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