Youth reproductive health

The study of reproductive behaviour and reproductive guidelines (needs) is essential and required to understand and predict the tendencies of birthrate in the region, to develop specific means of efficient demographic and family politics.

The module offers the basics of adolescent and youth consulting on reproductive health: the peculiarities of teenagers, the rules and principles of building the relations with teenagers, the basics of communication.

Youth sexual culture

Sex life is an utterly important and complicated sphere. Its significant part is the formation of healthy sexuality, which is a contradictory process.

The issues of sexual culture have been actively studied by various scientists due to the fact that the changes in work, domestic and leisure activities brought about by the scientific and technological advances have led to qualitative changes in the intimate relations between men and women.

Cost monitoring and project cost evaluation

Project cost evaluation is an important tool in understanding the functioning of the project. Unlike auditing aimed at the expenditure control and its expediency, project cost analysis gives the opportunity to plan and form optimal project budgets. The given analysis demonstrates to social sector participants, who are interested in the matter, approximate expenditure when realising the project on a local level.

Risk group site mapping

One of the main directions of activity for the organisations providing services for risk group adolescents is outreach activities. Homeless children are known to be the most mobile and vulnerable segment of risk group adolescents. The information about the dwelling sites of children who live or work in the streets is constantly changing and needs to be monitored regularly.

Legal aspects of medical and social services for adolescents in Ukraine

Recommendations for specialists granting services.

The training module is designed to add to the specialists’ knowledge about pressing issues of legal regulation of health and social professionals’ activity when granting medical and social services to the adolescents, especially those belonging to the risk groups.

Educational programmes of healthy lifestyle promotion among youth

The programme of promoting healthy and safe lifestyle culture among schoolchildren is a complex programme of developing knowledge, attitudes, personal guidelines and behaviour norms, which secure the maintenance and strengthening of physical and psychological health as one of value constituents that favour cognitive and emotional development of young people, achievement of the set objectives in mastering basic educational programme of the educational institution.