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Please track information in this section to take part in the webinars with the subject “working with teen-agers in regard to HIV preventive measures”( webinar – it is a kind of seminars being held with modern technologies ) .Now you can participate in a seminar, conference or training directly from your working place!

Also you have the possibility to get acquainted with the subjects list of trainings developed by Ukrainian Institute of social studies named after Aleksandr Yaremenko:

Trainings for coaches how to create a healthy lifestyle.

Training course “Mobile working with youth”.

Intervention research of knowledge and behavior changes.

Work out the action plan for a general access to the HIV services: specifics of working with teen-agers of risk group (at the sample of models working already in Ukraine).

Analysis methods of Interested Parties which operate with different groups of population.

Ethics and technology of study among kids, teen-agers and youth.

Basics of statistical analysis for taking reasonable decisions: №1 “introduction to the analysis of quantitative data”.

Evaluation of projects efficiency in the area of preventive measures of HIV infections, costs efficiency and economical effective strength of single (separate) projects.


In the archive of video you can find video of record of conducted webinars, and also other videos, which can be useful for people, workings with teenagers (psychologists, social workers, teachers and other).

If you are interested in the webinars with a definite subject you can apply for it here.

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