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Project «Mapping of Key Populations, Services and an HIV Epidemic Appraisal in Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine»

The overall objective of the project was to conduct geographical mapping, define population size and typology of the most-at-risk adolescents (MARA) and other vulnerable youth in urban areas of Zaporizhzhya. For the purposes of this study, key groups of high HIV risk were defined: female sex workers (FSWs) and injecting drug users (IDUs), with particular emphasis on those aged 15-24 years. Other categories of vulnerable youth were united in a group of «street-based youth» (SY) – young people living or working in the street.

Besides mapping and population estimates of aforementioned groups, the nature of sexual behavior, model of drug consumption, and inner group networks were studied. The project also tried to find out the specifics of medical consultations and identify needs of FSWs, IDUs and street-based youth, and also define services that are available to representatives of these groups at the moment.

The study was implemented by UISR after O.Yaremenko on request of UNICEF in collaboration with the International Centre for Infectious Diseases (Winnipeg, Canada) and Center for Global Public Health of University of Manitoba, Canada.