Do You know that there are already 61 clinics of this type in our country? These clinics are established specially for teenagers and young people in order to help them solve their problems. And the range of problems and issues is rather wide: health preservation, relationships with peers, consequences of alcohol and drug ingestion, relationships with the opposite sex, beginning of sex life, contraception, to name but a few. In the clinic, You may also be screened for sexually transmitted infections and HIV.

The underlying principle of “Youth-friendly clinics” (YFC) is based on 3 key values – AVAILABILITY, VOLUNTARINESS, BENEVOLENCE. It means that clinic is situated in a convenient place, You can go to it voluntarily, You will be kindly welcomed and always helped. YFCs are attached to children’s polyclinics but they usually have a separate entrance for their visitors. You can find a lot of interesting information materials for you and about you there. A special atmosphere dominates in clinics. Everyone is welcomed benevolently, there are no preaches, conversely, you are helped to understand the situation and sort it out. It is possible to choose the necessary specialist, come to the appointment without parents and get a consultation. Everything discussed with the specialist will remain between you. Specialists will help to cope with problems, solve all difficult and urgent issues. In the clinic, You can receive the help confidentially or anonymously, on request.  Although a doctor will fill in the medical record – they need that for work, they do not require your passport data.

A lot of specialists consult patients at YFC – pediatrician, teenage physician, gynecologist, sex therapist, urologist, narcologist, specialist in skin and venereal diseases, psychologist. A clinic can also have a social worker, and some can employ a lawyer. All specialists working at clinic receive compulsory training and win the right to work in it.

A lot of young people who have already used the service of YFC think that this clinic suits them. And do You know that every young person can become a volunteer in such clinic? YFCs are inviting the youth for cooperation for various events. It may be the participation in trainings on health preservation, the elaboration of booklets, films for the youth, etc.

Find out where the clinic is located in your region and resort to it if needed! You’ll get answers to all your questions and help in order to sort problems out. The staff of the clinic is waiting for You! They will be glad to help You!

Tips for You!

  • Visit a “Youth-friendly clinic”! Learn more about your organism, the peculiarities of maturation, contraception, how to behave with the opposite sex and many other things.
  • You can come alone or with a friend, a group of friends, with a close person or parents – whomever you are comfortable with.
  • Remember if there is a problem, it must necessarily be solved. Especially if it concerns Your health!

Where can You turn to?

On the site You will find a list of all “Youth-friendly clinics” existing in Ukraine. If in the city You live in there’s no such clinic, you should turn to the Center of Social Service for Family, Children, Youth, to the Family Planning Center, dermatovenerologic dispensary.

Follow the news of the site. The establishment of clinics is going on throughout Ukraine, and You will find the information about it on the site. And, perhaps, a clinic will soon start working where you live!

The booklet was created within the framework of the project to support “Youth-friendly clinics” development with assistance of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and UNICEF Representative in Ukraine