The training module is designed to add to the specialists’ knowledge about pressing issues of legal regulation of health and social professionals’ activity when granting medical and social services to the adolescents, especially those belonging to the risk groups.

The material provided will help health and social professionals in their work with providing services in HIV/AIDS prevention among adolescents, especially those belonging to the risk groups, due to the clear definition of legal statuses of all the parts, the mechanisms of cross-sectoral interaction in providing medical and social services. Besides, the module will deal with the major differences in granting health services to adolescents, depending on their age, as well as specific peculiarities of risk behaviour legislation.

Target audience

  • Healthcare workers of specialised institutions and centres, YFC (youth friendly clinic)
  • OCC (Office of Children’s Cervices), SSFCYC (Social Services for Family, Children and Youth Centres) specialists
  • Criminal police specialists in the rights of children, MIA remand houses for children, MIA Drugs Unit, Criminal Executive Inspection of the State Penitentiary Department of Ukraine
  • Specialists working in specialised institutions for children, schools and VTS (vocational technical schools), DCS (Day-care centres), shelters, SPRC (Social and Psychological Rehabilitation Centres)
  • Psychologists, social care teachers from educational institutions
  • NGOs and charity funds employees working in the sphere of prevention among risk groups, including children
  • The parties concerned, people who are involved in the decision making and policy shaping in granting services to RGA (risk group adolescents) in the regions

Main topic issues:

  • Topic updating, the main notions and guidelines
  • Children and adolescents of Ukraine from a legal perspective
  • Protection, custody of adolescents and care about them
  • Age peculiarities of getting health services
  • The procedure of informing and granting medical and social services in HIV/AIDS prevention
  • Narcotics. Legal lack of coordination in treating adolescents for drug abuse
  • Marrying age and sexual relations
  • Violence. The mechanisms of protecting adolescents from violence
  • Ethical principles of granting medical and social services. Stigmatisation and discrimination of specific social groups
  • Pressing issues of the development of legislative base on medical and social services for adolescents in Ukraine

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