Project cost analysis is an important tool in understanding the functioning of the project. Project cost analysis gives the opportunity to plan and form optimal project budgets of the given or similar projects in the future instead of controlling the expenditure expediency and economic activity of the organisation overall. Cost analysis demonstrates to social sector […]

Nowadays children start asking about sex or demonstrate sexualised behaviour manifestations quite early. Not every adult can give detailed (exhaustive) answer on sex issues to a child and understand if early manifestations of infantile sexuality are standard for a particular age. Specialists working with adolescents face the manifestations of their clients’ sexualised behaviour regularly. In […]

One of the main directions of activity for the organisations providing services for risk group adolescents is outreach activities. Homeless children are known to be the most mobile and vulnerable segment of risk group adolescents. The information about the dwelling sites of children who live or work in the streets is constantly changing and needs […]

Talking about HIV, especially about status disclosure, is a crucial moment, which takes meticulous preparation. When dealing with this issue one could use emotional support of close people and professional help of specialists (psychologists, consultants, doctors). We offer to examine the issue of HIV-positive status disclosure to a child more closely in the context of […]

We will discuss: the principles of premedical first aid; the ways to control bleeding; bruise and sprain first aid; wound types and their treatment; burn and frostbite first aid; fracture types and first aid to the victim; medical response to intoxication and PAS overdose; loss of consciousness first aid; safety rules when giving first aid; […]

In the context of our webinar, we will deal with the following issues: The categories of potential volunteer leaders, cooperating with the Centre: adolescents having trouble with the law (convicts of juvenile correctional facilities; convicts of pre-trial detention centres; adolescents having a record at criminal police for children affairs and criminal executive inspection); students of […]

In the context of our webinar, we will talk about: developmental delay (DD) (what it is, what are its causes and the possibilities for its correction); deprivations (the way they affect children, the way they manifest themselves, their aftermaths); hospitalism syndrome (its manifestations, impact and aftermaths). After participating in our webinar you will have better […]

To work more effectively with adolescents, who are no longer children, but are not adults yet, we have to understand the processes happening to them on different stages of early development: the main stages of children’s development and their patterns (the way the peculiarities of early stage development will manifest themselves in adolescence); child development […]