Sex life is an utterly important and complicated sphere. Its significant part is the formation of healthy sexuality, which is a contradictory process.

The formation of reproductive health in children and youth is one of the main tasks of State Programme “Reproductive health of a nation” up to 2015. One of the main tasks of the Nationwide Programme on fighting against HIV/AIDS for 2014-2018 is “To educate schoolchildren and students in educational institutions of all types of ownership […]

Nowadays children start asking about sex or demonstrate sexualised behaviour manifestations quite early. Not every adult can give detailed (exhaustive) answer on sex issues to a child and understand if early manifestations of infantile sexuality are standard for a particular age. Specialists working with adolescents face the manifestations of their clients’ sexualised behaviour regularly. In […]

Dear colleagues and friends! We kindly invite you to take part in the webinars “Sexual development of children and adolescents”, taking place on June, 18 and July,2. For participation you should register here “Sexual development of children and adolescents” Part 1. Healthy behavior (18 June, 2015) Contemporary children ask questions about sex and display […]