In the context of our webinar, we will talk about:

  • developmental delay (DD) (what it is, what are its causes and the possibilities for its correction);
  • deprivations (the way they affect children, the way they manifest themselves, their aftermaths);
  • hospitalism syndrome (its manifestations, impact and aftermaths).

After participating in our webinar you will have better understanding of otherness of the adolescents you work with, of how you can help the adolescent to compensate or correct the developmental delay, which prohibits them from social realisation on a par with their peers.

Speaker: Lubov Loriashvili, lawyer, psychologist, leading expert of the department of social inspection and social work with families of Kyiv City Centre of Social Services for Family, Children and Youth, national, regional trainer on perspective trainers preparation and potential applicants for guardians, foster parents, mentor parents, other forms of family upbringing, co-author of textbooks and programmes for specialists working with families and children, the author of training programmes for parents and specialists. Lubov Loriashvili has the experience of delivering trainings on the international level.

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