Dear colleagues and friends!
We kindly invite you to take part in the webinars “Sexual development of children and adolescents”, taking place on June, 18 and July,2. For participation you should register here

“Sexual development of children and adolescents”
Part 1. Healthy behavior (18 June, 2015)

Contemporary children ask questions about sex and display sexual behavior at a relatively early age. Not every adult is able to give a detailed (comprehensive) answer to a “sex question” and to understand, whether early manifestations of sexual behavior are relevant to a certain age. Youth work specialists often encounter manifestations of sexualized behavior in their clients. The following issues will help us to define the notion of norm and aberration:

  • sexuality of a person and its components;
  • manifestation of children’s sexuality at different stages of child’s development;
  • how and when the sex issues should be discussed with children and adolescents;
  • how to teach a child or an adolescent to protect themselves from sexual violence.

Part 2. Behavior that you should pay special attention to. Sexual violence. (July, 2)

The issues under discussion in the course of this class will be:

  • forms of behavior, abnormal for each age group (compulsive masturbation, the condition of being overinformed, the play in sex, etc.);
  • the causes of children’s and adolescent’s sexualized behavior;
  • sexual violence as the cause of children’s and adolescents’ sexualized behavior;
  • the rules of behavior in the Centers concerning children, who have been victims of sexual violence or sexual aggressors themselves.

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