In our everyday work we often come across clients, whose behaviour and psychological state leads us to the assumption that they are a victim of violence. In this case, it is important to accurately diagnose the client and build an optimal consultation and assistance strategy to ensure that our actions will not aggravate their condition, but offer the best help available.

During the webinar, we’ll look at a number of issues related to the peculiarities of working with clients who have experienced violence. We will talk about how to recognise psychological trauma from violence, and how to help, doing no harm.

Webinar agenda:

  • Types of violence and their major distinctions.

  • Psychological profile of the victim of violence and the peculiarities of experiencing this kind of trauma.

  • Retraumatisation and the ways of its avoidance.

  • Aims and stages of psychological work with people who have suffered from violence.

Speaker: Kateryna Balakyreva, M.A. in Psychology, practical psychologist, gestalt therapist, specialist in sexuality and working with the victims of sexual violence, staff member of Crisis Psychological Help Service in Kyiv.

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