The study of reproductive behaviour and reproductive guidelines (needs) is essential and required to understand and predict the tendencies of birthrate in the region, to develop specific means of efficient demographic and family politics.

The module offers the basics of adolescent and youth consulting on reproductive health: the peculiarities of teenagers, the rules and principles of building the relations with teenagers, the basics of communication. The module deals with the children’s and teenagers’ psychosexual development. Considerable attention is devoted to the anatomy and physiology of female and male reproductive systems, family planning, modern contraception methods. The module reveals the influence of STIs, alcohol and drug addiction on the reproductive health.

Target audience

The programme is aimed at the people who develop and take decisions on health maintenance, healthy lifestyle and healthy behaviour of Ukrainian pupils and students (the heads of central and local authorities, influential politicians, social activists tec.), as well as at teachers, healthcare workers, youth leaders, Youth NGO volunteers, parents, i.e. to all the people who are directly involved in the risk prevention, education and teaching the youth the vital skills of healthy behaviour.

Main topic issues:

  • The notion of reproductive health
  • Reproductive health promotion among the youth
  • Healthy lifestyle as a constituent of youth reproductive health
  • Risk factor impact on the reproductive health
  • Bad habits and the reproductive health of adolescents and youth
  • Sex peculiarities in terms of reproductive health formation
  • Health and social aspects of youth reproductive health
  • Reproductive health psychology
  • Youth reproductive health in the context of state policy implementation

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