Sex life is an utterly important and complicated sphere. Its significant part is the formation of healthy sexuality, which is a contradictory process.

The issues of sexual culture have been actively studied by various scientists due to the fact that the changes in work, domestic and leisure activities brought about by the scientific and technological advances have led to qualitative changes in the intimate relations between men and women.

Target audience

The programme is aimed at the people who develop and take decisions on health maintenance, healthy lifestyle and healthy behaviour of Ukrainian pupils and students (the heads of central and local authorities, influential politicians, social activists tec.), as well as at teachers, healthcare workers, youth leaders, Youth NGO volunteers, parents, i.e. to all the people who are directly involved in the risk prevention, education and teaching the youth the vital skills of healthy behaviour.

Main topic issues:

  • The main notions and age peculiarities on the topic
  • The age of the first sex
  • Social and psychological factors of adolescent sexuality
  • Marriage and living together
  • Adolescent sexuality as an element of sexual culture of the society
  • Youth sexuality and deviant behaviour
  • Masturbation and its perception
  • Homosexuality and its perception
  • Safe sex, disease incidence, teen pregnancy, abortion
  • The sources and nature of youth sexual education
  • Legal protection of youth

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