The formation of reproductive health in children and youth is one of the main tasks of State Programme “Reproductive health of a nation” up to 2015.

One of the main tasks of the Nationwide Programme on fighting against HIV/AIDS for 2014-2018 is “To educate schoolchildren and students in educational institutions of all types of ownership according to the programmes of HIV prevention and the formation of healthy lifestyle based on life skills”, which includes education on safe sexual relations and responsible sexual behaviour.

Taking into account the insufficient level of sexual culture among adolescents it is of the utmost importance to form adolescents’ responsible attitude to their health and to educate them on safe sexual practices, in order to prevent sexually transmitted infections (and above all HIV) and unwanted pregnancy.

Henceforth, today’s pressing issue is the organisation and realisation of enlightenment activity among the youth in educational institutions to form adolescents’ responsible attitude to their health, to raise the level of awareness on HIV protection, sexual education.

The aim of the webinar is to offer additional knowledge that could help specialists to more effectively plan and carry out educational classes with the youth, which will match adolescents’ educational needs.

Webinar agenda:

  • Reproductive and sexual behaviour of adolescents and youth.
  • Modern view on sexual education and sexual enlightenment, the spheres of influence on adolescents.
  • The definition of the notion “adolescence”, adolescent physiology.
  • Psychological peculiarities of the development and the personality formation of adolescents.
  • Emotional sphere of the adolescent. The tasks of the adult.
  • Sexuality, functions and stages of sexuality development.
  • Raising level of credibility to specialists and youth motivation to turn to them to obtain information on sexual relationships.

Speaker: Iryna Tsysar, expert of Kiev City Centre of Social Services for Family, Children and Youth, resource specialist, national trainer of Ukraine on healthy lifestyle promotion, national trainer on the programme ““Promotion of Peer Education on Healthy Lifestyle among Youth in Ukraine”. Iryna has 10-year experience in teaching educators, psychologists and social workers on HIV/AIDS prevention.

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