The Republic of Moldova expressed interest in participating in the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria’s (GFATM’s) Second Wave of National Strategy Applications (NSA), based on the decision of the National Coordination Council for HIV/AIDS/STI Prophylaxis and Control and TB Control Programmes. In order to apply for funding through an NSA, the Republic […]

The strategy is accompanied by a sound expenditure framework with a costed plan. It should ensure pertinent recurrent and investment financing of e.g. human resources, access to medicines, decentralized management, infrastructures and logistics. The strategy is accompanied by a description of financial management system (including financial reporting against budgeted costs, and accounting policies and processes) […]

HIV Disease Specialist will look into the situation analysis which should be based on a comprehensive and participatory analysis of health determinants and health outcome trends based on the epidemiological, political, socio-economic and organizational context prevailing in the country. The analysis of past and current health sector responses identifies priority problem areas and programmatic gaps. […]