1. Strategic planning is a major reform requiring substantial efforts on the part of all central public administration authorities (CPAAs). The Strategic Development Programme (SDP) of an authority is the key document for planning the managerial and strategic work of an authority, tool to be used for policy and budget planning, both at institutional and national levels.

2. This methodology describ es how a central public administr ation authority should conduct strategic planning and it provides definitions, describes the role, structure and essence, as well as rules of and stages in the process of preparation of SDP of CPAAs. Details about how to organize best this process, with different examples for each SDP component, templates of forms and texts will be found in the SDP Guidebook.

3. This methodology was drafted by the Policies, Strategic Planning and External Aid Division (PSPEAD) of the State Chancellery (SC) , in concert with all CPAAs.

4. The purpose of this methodological paper is to ensure interaction between the strategic planning across central public administration and the strategic planning at national, sector and cross-sector levels. It is crucial that all authorities that will prepare SDP have the same approach; that documents are standardized; and that SDPs
of different authorities are aligned.

5. In the event that the integrated Government — wide strategic planning system changes , this Methodology will need to be revised in order to ensure coordination between and integration of the two inter dependent planning systems.

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